i hate when americans get asked about the israeli/palestinian conflict and they say “well it’s not really my place to have an opinion” our country literally funds genocide against the palestinian people in the name of “defense” it absolutely is our business, we should be as mad as we can as loudly as possible. 

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entered myself in a drawing for Outlander tickets for a showing in Long Beach on Tuesday and just found out I won them.

Heck yeah 10 days earlier than everyone else

Let’s talk about this

i feel very sad and kind of heartbroken but at the same time angry and so very ready to move on to a new phase of my life with the person I love and forgetting everyone else


Mark Ruffalo at Comic Con 2014 for Avengers: Age of Ultron

“Sasha and Aleksis Kaidanovsky. On their watch, the Siberian wall stayed unbreached for six years. Six years.”